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Thermostatic and humidistatic air conditioner

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Address: Zhejiang

Project name: Haoda tool manufacturing company

Model: Thermostatic and humidistatic air conditioner

With the rapid development of modern social-economic, people’s air temperature and humidity requirement for industrial production environment demand is higher and higher. Thermostatic and humidistatic environment control system applications is becoming more and more widely. NINGBO GREEN split type thermostatic and humidistatic air conditioner adopt famous brand compressor, refrigeration system and electric control components, custom design, according to the European industry standard design and manufacture, with the characteristics of reliable and precise control, it is widely used in the places with strict requirement on temperature and humidity.

Haoda tool manufacturing company, specializing in the production of all kinds of power tools, such as grinding machine, mixer, cement throwing machine. Multi - system can be dehumidified humidification and refrigeration heating, more meet the various constant temperature and humidity environment.



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