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Green GFD Series Air Handling Units

Type: air handling units
Cooling capacity: 5.2kw ~372kw
Model Number: Customize
Operating Voltage:380/400VAC
Range: super slim ceiling /Horizontal/Vertical/ combined type
Row: 4/6/8
  • GFD010-GFD300


  • GREEN-10

air handling units

Quick detail
Type: air handling units                               

Cooling capacity: 5.2kw ~372kw

Model Number: Customize                            

Operating Voltage:380/400VAC

Range: super slim ceiling /Horizontal/Vertical/ combined type  

Row: 4/6/8

air handling units performance data


  1. Cooling: water inlet/outlet temp. 7℃/12℃,air inlet temp.27℃(DB)/19.5℃(WB)

  2. Heating: water inlet temp. 60℃,air inlet temp.21℃(DB), water flow same as cooling

  3. If there is any change in the total pressure, please contact Green. The motor power is for reference only(the motor power in the table is the output power

  4. The data in the above table is for reference only. Cooling capacity will be different if there is air inlet condition change or water inlet/outlet temp. change, please contact Green for detailed data.

air handling unit function section

product line

Type: air handling units                               

Cooling capacity: 5.2kw ~372kw 

Model Number: Customize                             

Operating Voltage:380/400VAC 

Range: super slim ceiling /Horizontal/Vertical/ combined type   

Row: 4/6/8


  • The units are directly assembled with panels. Frames are of aluminum alloy structure with polyurethane foam inside to provide sufficient strength. Panels are connected with bolts and nuts, which has good thermal insulation and air tightness, to easy maintenance.

  • Patented structure provides smooth internal surface which prevents dust deposit and secondary pollution and is helpful to improve indoor air quality.

  • Outer panels are of high-quality colored steel plates featuring anti-corrosion and coated with a film to prevent scratching on the panels during handling.

  • The units adopt low noise centrifugal fan and variable-speed external rotor motor. The unit has compact structure, low noise and small vibration, can be installed on the ground directly. Installed adjustable speed controller can realize speed control function.

  • The unit with high efficiency heat exchanger, it can adjust cooling and heating capacity in large range, to meet the load requirement and save energy.

  • Built-in nylon filter, easy to disassemble, clean and replace.

  • This series can be added electric heater, humidifying and other functions as well as precise control system in accordance with customers’ requirements. It can meet the requirements of cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying under different environments.

  • Heat exchangers are made of high quality copper tubes and special design corrugated aluminum fins manufactured by OAK to ensure small thermal resistance and high efficiency of heat transfer.







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